The Imperfect Atlas - 'Scarti di Avviamento' Edition

The Imperfect Atlas - 'Scarti di Avviamento' Edition

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'Scarti di Avviamento' Edition
Edition Varie of 15
Includes signed unique 8 x 11"  print 
Softcover with four-color printed PVC dust jacket
144 pages 
70 plates 
8.75 x 12.25" 


'Scarti di avviamento' is a printer's term for paper that is re-fed through the printing press between subsequent print runs resulting in incidental and uniquely layered artworks unsurprisingly beautiful in their chance creation. (Im)perfect printing for Funch's an imperfect atlas.

While on press to print The Imperfect Atlas, this paper was saved and re-appropriated to make these 15 unique editions of the original monograph. No two are alike, each representing its own edition varie.

Each edition comes with a print uniquely produced using a randomized printing method in the artist's studio.